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Three Dutch marines captured in Libya

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The Dutch Defense Ministry spokesman Otte Beeksma said on Thursday that the marines were surrounded by Libyan armed forces on Sunday, The Guardian reported.

The marines landed near the port of Sirte by a Lynx helicopter that was on board the Dutch HMS Tromp navy ship.

The ship was initially stationed in waters off the coast of Somalia for anti-piracy operations and headed towards the Libyan coast on February 24.

The marines were trying to rescue two people, one Dutch and one from another European country, that were captured earlier by Gaddafi forces but were later released and evacuated from Libya.

“We have also been in contact with the crewmen involved. They are doing well under the circumstances and we hope they will be released as quickly as possible,” Beeksma said.

When asked whether the Dutch government considered the marines hostages, Beeksma said, “They are being held by Libyan authorities.”

The incident comes as fierce clashes continue between anti-government protesters and Gaddafi’s forces in different Libyan cities.

Gaddafi has lost control of several main cities in the east and the west of Libya following the popular revolution in the North African nation.


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