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U.S calls for bombing of Gadaffi amid fears for Benghazi bloodbath

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In a stunning development from Washington, the Obama administration is calling for the UN to authorize full scale bombing of Gadaffi’s forces, report Mark Lanler and Dan Blefsky of the New York Times.

In what appears to be a complete turn about, previous strategy on Libya flew out the White House window yesterday evening, when the administration called for the UN to authorize a full scale assault on Gadaffi’s forces in an effort to prevent a bloodbath in Benghazi.

Gadaffi’s superior and larger army of airforce, tanks and artillery, now boasting it is decimating the Libyan resistance movement, would in turn be overpowered by NATO’s vastly superior forces, effectively ending the regime of Moammar Gadaffi.

Military steps including bombing of Gadaffi’s forces are being considered today as part of a “broad range of options” available to the Security Council, as the US backs the resolution which would give countries the ability to finally deliver much-needed support to the Libyan Resistance.

The White House has deemed the no-fly zone a dead issue, after weeks of debate, indicating that far greater measures will now be required to halt the massacre in Libya. “Too little, too late” is the overall conclusion, which is leading talks of a more aggressive “no drive’ zone’ now being suggested in order to halt the movement of Gadaffi’s ground forces towards Benghazi.

While four journalists from the New York Times appear to have been captured by forces of Gadaffi, most foreign newsmedia is no longer a presence in the country due to constant attacks from the army of Gadaffi. BBC crew were subjected to a fake execution and beatings, while an Al-Jazeera crew were ambushed and their cameraman killed. Resistance reportedly have captured the men responsible for the ambush, and will be bringing them to trial.

Stll deeply reluctant to be drawn into another Eastern front, the US demands that any military steps be taken by a coalition of international proportions, one that is preferably spearheaded by Arab nations.

The complexities of divested interests in the oil-rich desert nations have been the cause of multiple issues in the delay of support to Libyan people, who are now being murdered by the town at the hands of Gadaffi.

Over 6,000 citizens have been killed to date, their bodies hidden away and stolen, their graves bulldozed over in an effort by Gadaffi to hide the blood of his people from the eyes of the world.

“The turning point was really the Arab League statement on Saturday,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told reporters Wednesday in Cairo. “That was an extraordinary statement in which the Arab League asked for Security Council action against one of its own members.”

Voting will take place today, Clinton hopes, as time has run out for debating. Susan Rice, US ambassador to the UN has been hammering out the details of the resolution, brought to the table by Lebanon, and endorsed by France and Britain.

“The regime’s military gains have gotten everyone’s attention,” a senior official stated, as pressure from world leaders, allies, and world population continue to pressure the President to take action.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy sent an impassioned letter to the US and members of the Security Council begging for action, and warning that the world had a mere 48 hours to stop Gadaffi.

Acording to Gadaffi’s son, Seif Al-Islam, it will all be over by then. “Within 48 hours everything will be finished. Our forces are almost in Benghazi.”

Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee spoke with regret on the long debate while Libyans struggled on unaided.

Washington’s Director of Human Rights, Tom Malinowski spoke out:

“What everybody is focused on is drawing a line, literally in the sand, around Benghazi, to prevent Gadhafi’s forces from capturing the city and staging a bloodbath.”

“If Gadaffi wins, it could kill the freedom movement in the entire Middle East.”

With great power comes great responsibility. The Obama administration has stepped very carefully while this debate has raged, so fearful of Anti-American backlash that they have been virtually hog-tied.

Pressure from citizens’ groups such as Avaaz organization, who today have reached their goal of 1,000,000 (one million) signatures in support of the no-fly zone, as well as endorsement from the Arab League, will hopefully enable quick action and an end to the tyranny, oppression and murder of the Libyan people at the hands of the madman Moammar Gadaffi. Agencies


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