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US Senators oppose military operation against Libya

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As the US Congress sharply divided over military strikes in Libya, top senators worked Thursday on a measure in this regard.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry said that we are already, in fact, beginning the work of drafting an appropriate resolution. Whether we will need it or not, we don t know about that. While the Republican Senator John McCain said he was working with Kerry, Republican

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and independent Senator Joe Lieberman on a measure endorsing President Barack Obama s decision to use force.

The move came as some lawmakers charged President Obama overstepped his constitutional bounds by acting before securing formal approval from Congress for the operation, and calls to denounce or defund the operation.

The US Constitution reserves to Congress the right to declare war, though US Presidents have often deployed forces without first getting lawmakers explicit say-so, despite a 1973 law that aimed to curtail their ability to do so. Agencies


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