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Wikileaks: Japan nuclear ignored all warnings

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More than two years ago Japan was warned by the international nuclear watchdog (IAEA) that the nuclear plants in the country a powerful earthquake would not cope. The Japanese government ignored these warnings and even reached a court ruling that said an off unsafe nuclear power plant should be closed immediately. This is clear from leaked diplomatic documents on the whistleblower site Wikileaks.

An expert of the IAEA said in December 2008 at a G8 summit in Tokyo that the safety of Japanese nuclear power plants obsolete and that strong earthquakes would constitute a serious problem for nuclear power plants.

Forgotten promises

The Japanese government then promised to improve security at all sites, but of course comes the question whether they did enough. Following the advice of the government watchdog began while an emergency response center in Fukushima, but the only nuclear power plant itself was resistant to earthquakes with a magnitude of 7 on the Richter scale ignored them. Friday’s earthquake had a magnitude of 9.

In a document from December of the embassy in Tokyo suggests an IAEA official that “the safety guidelines for seismic safety in the past 35 years only three times have been revised”. He also warned that not all Japanese plants are designed for major earthquakes to resist.

Broken verdict

Moreover, the Japanese government has an order of a Japanese court said that a broken power plant in the west had to be closed because they are not able to withstand earthquakes. The court ruled that there was a chance that local residents would be exposed to radiation if an accident was in the center. The plant was most resistant to earthquakes with a magnitude of 6.5 on the Richter scale.

A leaked diplomatic document of March 2006 shows that Japan’s nuclear security concerns that are not shared. In 2009 the government broke the verdict. The NPP is still in service.


The leak of this news will increase pressure on the Japanese Prime Minister Naoto KanNaoto Kan considerably. The man was the last day already firing criticism, for his response to the disaster. Was still prime minister can not cover-up when it happened. He was Minister of Science and Technology in 2009 and prime minister in June 2010. Agencies

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