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women who want to run for office Egyptian: Noha El Zeiny

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In Egypt, a number of public figures have called on Chancellor Noha El Zeiny opposed to constitutional amendments, to run for the presidency of the first woman to compete on this post,

First and foremost, chief editor of the Human Development Programme, Dr. Nader Fergani, then rolled Recommended invitations to e-networking site “Facebook”, where he created some of the activists Upload Watch invites them to run for the presidency.

Said Noha El Zeiny in comments for “Arabic. Net”: I was surprised a number of public figures, asking me to run, I was surprised even more when it asks some activists “facebook” who established facebook groups for the same reason,

Despite my sincere thanks to them and I feel a little change except that the current situation remains incomplete.

And continued, “If the Egyptians were so far to argue that women have the eligibility to eliminate, how receptive this mental idea of ​​running for the presidency,

And then I think it is necessary first before making any decision in this regard that guarantee the existence of a community to accept and clear, and declared to assume presidency of women.

And Noha El Zeiny criticized strongly the situation in Arab countries, Islamic countries compared to most open-minded and more understanding of Islam from the point of view,

Demonstrating that women assume the highest positions in Indonesia at the time was recorded place of Arab States.

She added that she is not afraid of failure, if nominated, because they do not see any defect in the running for any elections and the failure in which, as also stressed that it does not aim to obtain a majority in advance, but only want a climate and a system for community allows a great deal of understanding of women from taking the highest office in the State .

And optimism about the extent of breaking those barriers following the January 25 Noha El Zeiny pointed out that the revolution has already changed the frames, but culture is still rooted in the Egyptian character, dominant, and will not give all this space for women.

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